World Of Warcraft Primal Farming Guide

On virtually every server, primals are the primary method of farming. When people level from 60 to 70, they save their primals to sell for their flying mounts. When people need that few thousand gold for their epic crafted items or epic mount, primal farming they go.

If you are like many World of Warcraft players, you don?t necessarily know of the best spots to farm primals. Some think they know, but don?t realize where the hot spots are at. Here is a quick summary of where and how to farm each primal the quickest.

Primal Earth ? Hands down, these are most easily farmed from mining. However, if you are not a miner and are in need of these, the second best place would be the earth elementals on the southwestern region of Nagrand. They are the Shattered Rumblers and are level 66-67. They have nearly a 20% chance at dropping Motes of Earth and you should be able to get 3 to 4 Primal Earths per hour.

Primal Fire ? There are a few hot spots for these, but in my opinion, one area is incredibly more profitable than the others. With the release of patch 2.4, there are now a whole army of fire elementals in the Throne of Kil?jaeden in the northeastern region of Hellfire Peninsula. Not only are there lots of fire elementals present here, but they are also on a forced respawn. This means that if there are too low of a number of these mobs up, the game will force spawn more in order to keep a minimum amount always up. If you find yourself farming on non-peak times, it is easy to farm 4 or 5 Primal Fires per hour.

Primal Water ? There are two good spots to farm these. The first is Silmyr Lake in northern Terokkar Forest. In the lake, there are Shimmerscale Eels that tend to have a decent drop rate of Motes of Water. The only negatives are that you have to kill them underwater and sometimes there is lots of competition. The second spot to farm Primal Waters is fishing in Nagrand. If you can reach at least 380 fishing skill and have a flying mount, then you can fly around the waterways of Nagrand, searching for ?Pure Water? nodes. Fishing in these will grant Motes of Water. Both methods, depending on competition, will result in about 3 to 4 primals per hour.

Primal Air ? There is really only one place to farm these and sadly it results in lots of competition. However, they are on a forced respawn! But they are spread out over a large portion of southeastern Shadowmoon Valley, thus making the forced respawn only barely beneficial. I tend to only average 2 to 3 Primal Airs per hour. Hopefully, you do not need many of these!

Primal Mana ? Once again, just like the Primal Fires, you can thank 2.4 if you find yourself needing to farm these. Simply accept the quest ?Maintaining the Sunwell Portal? from Exarch Nasuun in Shattrath City and then head to Bash?ir Landing in northern Blades Edge Mountain. Kill the ethereal until you get a Bash?ir Phasing Device. Use this and you will be able to see Phase Wyrms. Farm these for very quick Primal Manas. You should be able to get over 5 Primal Manas per hour.

Primal Shadow ? These are the worst to farm. If you find yourself needing to farm these, it is easier to farm a different primal, sell them on the auction house, and buy Primal Shadows. But if you insist on farming, head to the Spirit Fields in southwestern Nagrand. Around the enormous crystal mountain are voids. Simply kill them for the Motes of Shadow. You will be lucky to get 2 Primal Shadows per hour. I have killed over 30 of them for not a single mote before.

Primal Life ? These are fairly easy to obtain. If you have a character who can herb, simply fly around farming herbs and you are bound to get a decent amount of Primal Lifes. If you do not have an herbalist, then head to Zangarmarsh. The best mobs for these are any bogs in the zone. Some can be found in the northeast of the zone in the Dead Mire, others can be found in Funggor Cavern in the south region of the zone, and more can be found in the southwestern region of the zone by Quagg Ridge. All of these seem to have equal droprates. You should be able to obtain 4 or 5 Primal Lifes per hour.

And there you have it, a quick and simple guide on how to farm each Primal in the most efficient methods. The last tip I have is to try to farm these during off-peak times on your server. It will really make obtaining these less frustrating and much easier. Good luck on your farming!

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